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By Mike Lethby

Renkus-Heinz’s unique Iconyx digitally steerable array is making a serious impact on the corporate events market where its combination of slender, low profile enclosures and steerable acoustic energy provide a unique solution for acoustically tough environments.

The event company Live Audio GmbH, based in Braunschweig, Germany, recently used pairs of Iconyx IC16 columns for both high-quality speech reinforcement and, augmented by subwoofers, multimedia music playback, for two blue-chip corporate clients’ live events.

The company was one of the world’s first AV rental specialists to spot the live sound potential of Iconyx and acquired its systems in May this year. Company owner Georg Hentschel comments:

“The advantages of the system are in both the performance and the aesthetics".

“Under difficult acoustic conditions Iconyx captivates audiences with highly transparent rendition and perfect intelligibility. The digital beam steering capability means the sound can be steered by the special BeamWare software to where it is actually needed – the listener. Stimulation of the room is minimized and intelligibility is boosted dramatically.

“The inconspicuousness and elegance of the columns is a great bonus for visually sensitive productions, and the system’s long throw means that in most cases no delay speakers are needed. As well as meetings, press conferences and presentations, live music such as jazz ensembles are projected highly transparently, elegantly and right to the last seat.”

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