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Notice that all EASERA orders need to be prepaid.

Allow at least three working days after receipt of your prepayment for shipment.

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EASERA - 2 User Keys
  System measurement and analysis program; 2-channel with sampling rates from 8 kHz to
48 kHz; supports:
  - All ISO 3382 acoustic measures, including impulse response, frequency response,
RT, T10, T20, T30, C7, C50, C80, Etc.; STI and ALCons intelligibility measures
  - White, log (pink) & weighted sweeps; sinusoidal, impulse and step signals  
  - Random white, pink & weighted noise signals; external sources/recordings  
  - Live sound, bargraph & spectrograph display capabilities; dual channel FFT analysis  
  - The addition and averaging of measurement files  
  - Echo Speech & Echo Music displays  
  - Windows Direct Sound, Wave/MME, ASIO audio drivers; interface to EASERA Gateway  
EASERA PRO - 2 User Keys 2,250.00
  Professional system measurement and analysis program; 32-channel with sampling rates
from 8 kHz to 192 kHz; Includes MLS (Maximum Length Sequence) with
Hadamard transform/cross correlation. Also features:
  - The ability to custom design stimulus signals  
  - Realtime wavefront indication  
  - Distortion/nonlinear measurements  
  - Level range and range exceeding indications  
  - In Situ measurement of material absorption characteristics  
  - Advanced editing/post processing capabilities  


Upgrade to EASERA PRO from EASERA
Serial/ Users ID Number:


MLS Module; adds MLS (Maximum Length Sequence) capabilities to EASERA 900.00
TEF-TDS Module; adds TDS (Time delay Spectrometry) capabilities to EASERA and EASERA PRO 900.00
POLAR Module; adds automated loudspeaker polar measurement capabilities to EASERA and EASERA PRO 900.00


EASERA and Easera SysTune when purchased together (a $330.00 saving) 1,320.00
EASERA SysTune and EASE JR/2 purchased together (a $175.00 saving) 1,375.00
EASERA & EASE JR/2 Entry Level package price when purchased together (a $200.00 saving) 1,500.00
EASERA and MLS Module when purchased together 1,725.00
EASERA and the TEF-TDS Module when purchased together 1,725.00
EASERA PRO with TEF-TDS Module (a $150.00 saving) 3.000.00
EASERA PRO with TEF-TDS and POLAR Modules when purchased together (a $150.00 saving) 3,900.00


EASERA GATEWAY - high performance AD/DA converter/preamp; required for TDS measurements; recommended for use with all EASERA and EASERA PRO systems; provides two microphone inputs with 48 V DC phantom power plus two line inputs, synchronous clocks, up to 96 kHz sample rate. Requires FireWire port (IEEE1394 connection) and Windows XP.
          110 V   220 V  
  When purchased with EASERA or EASERA PRO or by an EASERA or EASERA PRO user. 450.00
  When purchased separately by a non-EASERA or non-EASERA PRO user. 550.00
TEF04P Omnidirectional Measurement Microphone 395.00

DELIVERY METHODS (Please select)

The normal method of delivering EASE and EASE JR and their associated modules is by download from a secure website. You will need a high speed (cable modem, DSL or better) internet connection capable of handling 50 MB program and 200 MB loudspeaker data files.

Delivery will not be instantaneous. Your program must be registered with AFMG in Berlin before a license is issued. You will then receive an e-mail from AFMG with download instructions. This usually takes 24 hours or slightly more time because of the different time zones.

Program CDs and a hard copy of the Tutorial manual are also available for a nominal fee ($35.00) plus shipping charges. (Import duties, local taxes and brokerage fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.) For shipments within the USA allow $7.50 for UPS Ground and $35.00 for overnight service.

Prices effective December 1, 2007 — Prices subject to change without notice.

Terms and Conditions (PDF)

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