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A I M W A R E - Line Array Aiming Software

AimWare Update: This new version of AimWare features new PN102/LA and PNX102/LA data derived from the latest performance measurements.

Download: AimWare (V. May 31/2006)
Download Line Array DLL (V. May 31/2006)
The PNX102LA line array is supported by RH "Aimware" , which facilitates quick custom design of line arrays.
In Aimware you select:
• The number of modules in an array,
• The shape of the array from straight to curved to L-shaped
• The main array flying angle
• Define up to three audience areas
Aimware even calculates accurate frequency dependent coverage for the defined audience areas..
But there is even more:
Once an array is designed in Aimware, it can be imported into EASE, where with the help specially developed "DLL routines", the array can now be inserted into rooms, where all of the resources of EASE become available.

Of special importance is that in EASE the DLL array is treated as one single, complex source, with accurate simulation results at any distance, from near-field to far-field.
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