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Home Products Loudspeakers Line Arrays VERSYS VL3
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• Heavy Duty Flying Hardware

• Easy Rigging - Designed to Travel

• Flexible Input Configurations

• RHAON Audio Operations Network

• Exclusive Isophasic Plane Wave Generator

• Dual CDT1.5" High Output CoEntrant Mid/High Drivers

• Dual 12" Neodymium Woofers

The first line array system to come with the fully integrated RHAON (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) package, it includes in-cabinet Class D amplification utilizing a new RHAON empowered PM3R tri-amplifier, full digital dynamics, with networked audio over CobraNet® as well as loudspeaker monitoring and remote control, all delivered over a single CAT-5 cable to each loudspeaker.

The essential attributes of this third-generation line array are an extremely high output three-way amplifier (1200W/600W/250W per band) despite an all-up cabinet weight of around 200 pounds; a truck pack-friendly cabinet design; high versatility, suitable for applications ranging from corporate and regional acts and tours to full sized arenas; the ability to be flown in multiple configurations up to 20 boxes a side; and the inclusion of Renkus-Heinz’s new, dedicated VERSYS AimWare software for fast, accurate venue array configuration and angling.

Moreover, VERSYS VL3 is a radically new physical line array solution from Renkus-Heinz that, as well as RHAONfeatures new proprietary high frequency driver technology and advanced flying hardware engineered specifically to create a road-friendly stadium and arena audio package that can be configured, flown and electronically aligned in minimal time – and with maximum accuracy.

The three-way VL3 system incorporates dual 12” neodymium woofers, and dual custom designed CDT-1.5V CoEntrant MF/HF devices with 6.5” carbon fiber coned midrange drivers and 1.5” exit / 3” diaphragm HF units.

RHAON introduces a massive level of system-wide digital control into any VERSYS VL3 system, combined with the ability to integrate all aspects of the loudspeaker system into a user-friendly GUI that provides control and reporting functionality for the entire loudspeaker system.

RHAON software provides the ability for the user to fine tune every aspect of the system, the on-board DSP and GUI offering such features as mute groups, multiple split processing of line array clusters, full array shading capabilities from box to box – and much more.

An advanced flying hardware system has been designed with some of Renkus-Heinz’s leading partners in the touring industry and embraces a host of new, dedicated touring accessories such as rain hoods, high load-capacity dollies, digital stage boxes providing Ethernet digital and analog line level audio, along with specialized wiring harnesses and looms – a comprehensive road-ready touring package.

A key, innovative aspect of this system is an industry leading rigging system that allows each line array hang to be rigged quickly and easily with the option of attaching a motor to the bottom of each hang for a pull-back configuration.

Tough grills, enhanced thermal management and extremely robust hardware are other factors that set the VERSYS VL3 on the highest plane.

Rigging parameters, pick-up point locations and coverage angle settings are provided in advance by Renkus-Heinz AimWare software program taking the guesswork out of setup.

5/8 inch thick metal tie-bars and quick-disconnect pins are supplied with each module. They provide easy assembly along with metal-to-metal reliability and choice of splay angles.

The associated heavy-duty fly bar attaches easily to the array with the quick-disconnect pins while providing a wide range of pick points and aiming angles; safely supports up to 12 cabinets.

Optional IB0002 cabinet hardware allows the splay angles to be adjusted while the cabinets are sitting on the dolly; also meets all the stringent requirements of the German BGV flying standard including the 10 to 1 safety ratio.

PM3R Power Amplifier

The PM3R, the heart of the VL3 and the muscle behind it, is a new kind of intelligent electronics system. It combines Class D digital tri-amplification with RHAON, the Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network, for comprehensive DSP controlled signal processing and control.

The RHAON Empowered PM3R adds onboard DSP and CobraNet capabilities. It has dual analog inputs, dual CobraNet inputs and an AES3id serial input. The onboard DSP is easily configured using RHAON software; it includes eight bands of parametric EQ, high and low shelving filters, input level control and up to 20 msec of delay.

Critical operating parameters such as signal clipping, amplifier output voltage and current, and temperature are continually monitored with automatic alert functions.


• Portable touring sound systems for both small and large concert venues, corporate AV events, etc.

• Sound reinforcement systems in Houses of Worship, Performing Arts Centers, Sports Arenas, Theaters and other similiar venues.

• Virtually any application where outstanding sonic performance is required and sound level and coverage needs cannot be satisfied with a conventional horizontal loudspeaker array.

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